New to our warehouse just in time for Christmas! Each of these Hen & Rooster International knives features a snow white ABS handle material. Get your set before they sell out!

CCN-106327 - Outdoorsman Special (4pcs)
HRI-03W - 6.5
HRI-04W - 7
HRI-05W - 12.5
HRI-06W - 8.5

Outdoorsman Special

4 pieces

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Retail Value $88.63
Your Price: $9.95
  • item #


  • Configuration:

    Kitchen Knives

  • Brand:

    Hen & Rooster Int'l

  • Handle Material:

    ABS (White)


What You'll Receive:

6.5"Peeler White Cream Handle

Peeler White Cream Handle (x1)

Item # HRI-03W
Brand: Hen & Rooster Int'l
Configuration: Peeler
Handle Material: ABS (White)
Length (Overall): 6 1/2"
Retail $21.33
7" Paring White Cream Handle

Paring White Cream Handle (x1)

Item # HRI-04W
Brand: Hen & Rooster Int'l
Configuration: Paring Knife
Handle Material: ABS (White)
Length (Overall): 7"
Retail $21.33
12.5"Chef White Cream Handle

Chef White Cream Handle (x1)

Item # HRI-05W
Brand: Hen & Rooster
Configuration: Chef Knife
Handle Material: ABS (White)
Length (Overall): 12 1/2"
Retail $23.97
8.5"Slicer White Cream Handle

Slicer White Cream Handle (x1)

Item # HRI-06W
Brand: Hen & Rooster Int'l
Configuration: Slicer
Handle Material: ABS (White)
Length (Overall): 8 1/2"
Retail $22.00
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