King Solomon was the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem, and he is a symbol of great wisdom, wealth, and power, but ultimately as a king whose sin, including idolatry and turning away from Yahweh, leads to the kingdom being torn in two during the reign of his son Rehoboam. King Solomon is the subject of many other later references and legends. This sword features a blade that is polished 440 stainless steel with a dulled edge and sharp point. A long ricasso runs up from the base of the blade, painted on the ricasso is complex scroll work of leaves and vines. A long languet runs down the ricasso with a detailed pattern. The ends of the quillons are Persian Sphinxes wearing a kippah on their heads. In the middle of the cross guard is the Star of David underneath a Menorah. The guard and pommel are in gold color. The handle is ornate steel scroll work with black imitation leather. The pommel of the sword is solid steel with a large Star of David in gold finish.

CCN-112341 - King Soloman 49

King Soloman 49" Sword

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