Based on a time and battle tested design centuries old, the monotempered 1060 carbon steel blades leverage the purity of modern crucible steel to the hilt, which in this case is as simple, and as sturdy as can be and ensures that the design itself has no weak points. For the hilt is gripped by the tang itself, made to fit the hand ergonomically with a tight paracord wrap over two risers to make it as comfortable and secure in the hand as possible. Designed to be used single handed, with the off hand free for a high lumen flashlight, firearm or other blade, the Broadsword is balanced between offense and defense, cutting and thrusting, though its weight and speed tends to favor chopping or cutting - and it's use of 1060 carbon steel is balanced between hardness and flexibility - ensuring it will not fail at the critical moment. Features a double cutaway blade profile at the forte, diamond cross section blade geometry and a narrow central fuller to create a well balanced and fast single handed sword.

CCN-112310 - 32

32" 1060 Carbon Battle Ready

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    Frost Cutlery

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  • Carbon Steel
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