The Savior Katana is imbued throughout with the guardian spirits of the Kami in the symbolism of its humble, yet dignified hilt settings of iron. The blade is forged from T10 high carbon steel and is differentially tempered to possess a hardened edge of 60 HRC and a shock absorbing body of 40 HRC. The tsuba, fuchi and kashira fittings are of iron with detailing picked out in silver and brass. The wood tsuka grip is fitted with inlaid panels of rayskin and it is bound in knotted cotton tsuka ito cord with menuki wrapped within the grip wrap. The scabbard is crafted from wood with buffalo horn fittings and is finished with a lacquered coat that is midnight blue in hue; the saya is finished with a knotted sageo cord. The sword comes with a cloth sword bag.

CCN-112010 - Japanese Savior Katana (1pc)

Japanese Savior Katana

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  • Decorative Scabbard
  • Stainless Steel Blade
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