December Colt Giveaway

Register to win a Rare Colt® 21 1/2”Crown Stag Alamo Bowie.

February 23rd, 1836 ... Sam Colt filed the patent papers for his repeating gun, the Paterson Colt . That same day the seige of The Alamo began, and during the next 12 days, a handful of brave Texans fought to the death against Santa Anna's formidable army. Had Sam Colt's invention been built and available before the Alamo siege, would it have made a difference? We will never know, but those two events changed the Old West and are still the stuff of legends 175 years later.

Features a stainless steel blade with a deep commemorative etch, heavy duty leather sheath, genuine crown stag handle with inlaid brass star, brass guard and brass spine. It measures 21 1/2” with a 15” blade.

This is a Very Rare Bowie. We will be announcing the lucky winner December 14th, 2018.

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