Just the thing for knife collectors everywhere. You'll receive one of the Black Composite Sharpeners and one of the 2 3/8" Red Composite Sharpeners, featuring Clam Packaging. Sets like these go fast, so get yours while you can!

CCN-60057 - Diamond Block (2pc)
BLOCK - The Block Sharpener
BM-FKEY - 2.375

Diamond Block

2 pieces

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Retail Value $46.25
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What You'll Receive:

The Block Sharpener

The Block Sharpener (x1)

Item # BLOCK
Brand: Block USA
Configuration: Sharpener
Handle Material: Composite
Retail $24.95
  • Lanyard Hole
2.375" Blademaster Pocket Sharpener Fine

Blademaster Pocket Sharpener Fine (x1)

Item # BM-FKEY
Brand: Blademaster
Configuration: Sharpener
Handle Material: Composite (Red)
Length (Closed): 2 3/8"
Retail $21.30
  • Clam Packaging
  • Fine Diamond Sharpener
  • Keychain Loop
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