Here's a set no collector will want to miss. You'll receive one of the Cotton Hats, one of the Frost Cutlery History Books, one of the 7 1/2" Black Rubber Bowies with a Signature Leather Sheath. You won't find a lower price anywhere!

CCN-51716 - H&R Signature Collection (3pcs)
CAP-HR/B - Hen & Rooster Cap Black
FC-BOOK - Frost Cutlery Book (Paperback)
HR-5009 - 7.5
SIG-JF - Signature Of Jim Frost

H&R Signature Collection

3 pieces

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Retail Value $136.83
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  • Configuration:

    Hat/Fixed Blade Combo

  • Brand:


  • Handle Material:

    Rubber (Black)


What You'll Receive:

Hen & Rooster Cap Black

Hen & Rooster Cap Black (x1)

Item # CAP-HR/B
Brand: Hen & Rooster
Configuration: Hat
Handle Material: Cotton
Retail $19.95
Frost Cutlery Book (Paperback)

Frost Cutlery Book (Paperback) (x1)

Item # FC-BOOK
Brand: Frost Cutlery
Configuration: Frost Cutlery History Book
Retail $26.88
7.5" H&R Black Rubberized Guthook w/Sheath

H&R Black Rubberized Guthook w/Sheath (x1)

Item # HR-5009
Brand: Hen & Rooster
Configuration: Guthook Skinner
Handle Material: Rubber (Black)
Length (Overall): 7 1/2"
Retail $70.00
  • Drop Point Blade
  • Guthook Blade
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Leather Sheath
  • Stainless Steel Blade
Signature Of Jim Frost

Signature Of Jim Frost (x2)

Item # SIG-JF
Brand: Frost Cutlery
Configuration: Sheath
Retail $10.00