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CCN-114887 - Burlap Tater Skins (5pc)
RR2329 - 5.5
RR2332 - 3.75
RR2338 - 4.125
RR2375 - 4
RR2580 - 3.5
SD-1218 - 12x18 Oak Glass Display

Burlap Tater Skins

5 pieces

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Retail Value $313.75
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  • Configuration:

    Pocket Knives

  • Brand:

    Rough Rider

  • Handle Material:



What You'll Receive:

5.5" Burlap Mic Clasp

Burlap Mic Clasp (x1)

Item # RR2329
Brand: Rough Rider
Configuration: Clasp
Handle Material: Micarta
Length (Closed): 5 1/2"
Retail $49.95
3.75" Burlap Mic Sowbelly Trapper

Burlap Mic Sowbelly Trapper (x1)

Item # RR2332
Brand: Rough Rider
Configuration: Sowbelly Trapper
Handle Material: Micarta
Length (Closed): 3 3/4"
Retail $34.95
4.125" Burlap Mic Moose

Burlap Mic Moose (x1)

Item # RR2338
Brand: Rough Rider
Configuration: Moose
Handle Material: Micarta
Length (Closed): 4 1/8"
Retail $34.95
4" Burlap Mic Bow Trapper

Burlap Mic Bow Trapper (x1)

Item # RR2375
Brand: Rough Rider
Configuration: Trapper
Handle Material: Micarta
Length (Closed): 4"
Retail $36.95
3.5" Burlap Mic Whittler

Burlap Mic Whittler (x1)

Item # RR2580
Brand: Rough Rider
Configuration: Whittler
Handle Material: Micarta
Length (Closed): 3 1/2"
Retail $36.95
12x18 Oak Glass Display

12x18 Oak Glass Display (x1)

Item # SD-1218
Brand: Frost Cutlery
Configuration: Display Case
Handle Material: Wood (Walnut)
Retail $120.00
  • Display Case
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