The ABS Composite Kitchen Knives by Hen & Rooster Int'l is a long-time best-seller! It has Mirror Finished Blade and Stainless Steel Blade and this item is going to sell like hotcakes, so get yours now.

CCN-103784 - H&R Chef Mate (4pc)
HRI-064B - 4pc Black Abs Kitchen Set No Stand

H&R Chef Mate

4 pieces

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Retail Value $44.00
Your Price: $28.88
  • item #


  • Configuration:

    Kitchen Knives

  • Brand:

    Hen & Rooster Int'l

  • Handle Material:

    Composite (ABS)


What You'll Receive:

4pc Black Abs Kitchen Set No Stand

4pc Black Abs Kitchen Set No Stand (x1)

Item # HRI-064B
Brand: Hen & Rooster Int'l
Configuration: Kitchen Knives
Handle Material: Composite (ABS)
Retail $44.00
  • Composite Sheath
  • Mirror Finished Blade
  • Stainless Steel Blade
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