Here's a value you really don't want to miss. You'll get one of the Pink Composite Sharpeners and one of the 2 7/8" Grape Ape Composite Peanuts, featuring Brass Pins. Not all of these components will stay in stock, so throw this in your shopping cart now!

CCN-60058 - Mother's Day Special (2pc)
BLOCK-P - Block Sharpener Pink
BVR-107GA - 2.875

Mother's Day Special

2 pieces

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What You'll Receive:

Block Sharpener Pink

Block Sharpener Pink (x1)

Item # BLOCK-P
Brand: Block USA
Configuration: Sharpener
Handle Material: Composite (Pink)
Retail $24.95
  • Clam Packaging
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Made in USA
2.875" Composite Grape Ape Peanut

Composite Grape Ape Peanut (x1)

Item # BVR-107GA
Brand: Beaver Creek
Configuration: Peanut
Handle Material: Composite (Grape Ape)
Length (Closed): 2 7/8"
Retail $16.96
  • Brass Liners
  • Brass Pins
  • Nickel Silver Bolsters
  • Stainless Steel Blade