Showcase your knife in a simple an elegant way with these Clear Acrylic Stands. Perfect for knife dealers or collectors, you'll recieve six see through stands and one microfiber polishing cloth for removing fingerprints and making that steel shine! Make your collection into a display and order this set today!

CCN-51724 - Showcase Acrylic Stands (7pcs)
AS-1 - Clear Acrylic Stand
PC-2 - Polishing Cloth Frost Cutlery

Showcase Acrylic Stands

7 pieces

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Retail Value $29.93
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  • Brand:

    Frost Cutlery

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What You'll Receive:

Clear Acrylic Stand

Clear Acrylic Stand (x6)

Item # AS-1
Brand: Frost Cutlery
Configuration: Stand
Handle Material: Acrylic
Retail $3.33
Polishing Cloth Frost Cutlery

Polishing Cloth Frost Cutlery (x1)

Item # PC-2
Brand: Frost Cutlery
Configuration: Polishing Cloth
Retail $9.95
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