This Case Assorted Truck & Pocket Knife is a customer favorite! It has Serialized Limited Edition and Made in USA, this item is going to sell like hotcakes, so get yours now.

CCN-103244 - Rare Case Ertl 125th (6pcs)
ERTL125 - Case Ertl 125th 6-Matching # Set

Rare Case Ertl 125th

6 pieces

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Retail Value $1,540.79
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  • Configuration:

    Truck & Pocket Knife

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What You'll Receive:

Case Ertl 125th 6-Matching # Set

Case Ertl 125th 6-Matching # Set (x1)

Item # ERTL125
Brand: Case
Configuration: Truck & Pocket Knife
Retail $1,540.79
  • Serialized Limited Edition
  • Made in USA
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