This set by Colt is a great addition to your collection! You'll receive one of the Pink Cord Fabric Bracelets, one of the Steel Key Folders with Clam Packaging, one of the Black Composite Field Assistants with Beaded Chain. Sets like these go fast, so get yours while you can!

CCN-58529 - Colt Discontinued Monkey Tool(3p
CT3031 - Lady Colt Braceletes Br
CT3043 - Colt Stainless Steel Key Knife (1pc)
CT3044 - Colt Field Tool

Colt Discontinued Monkey Tool

3 pieces

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Retail Value $52.95
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    Accessory Kit

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Set Components

Lady Colt Braceletes Br

Lady Colt Braceletes Br (x1)

Item # CT3031
Brand: Colt
Configuration: Bracelet
Handle Material: Fabric (Pink Cord)
Retail $15.00
  • Lanyard
  • Parachord
Colt Stainless Steel Key Knife (1pc)

Colt Stainless Steel Key Knife (1pc) (x1)

Item # CT3043
Brand: Colt
Configuration: Key Folder
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Retail $19.95
  • Clam Packaging
  • Keychain Loop
  • Stainless Steel Blade
Colt Field Tool

Colt Field Tool (x1)

Item # CT3044
Brand: Colt
Configuration: Field Assistant
Handle Material: Composite (Black)
Retail $18.00
  • Beaded Chain
  • Lanyard Hole