Just the thing for knife collectors everywhere. Included in this set is one of the 8" Digital Camo Metal Flashlights, one of the 9" Digital Camo Composite Bowies, featuring Black Stainless Steel Blade. Not all of these components will stay in stock, so throw this in your shopping cart now!

CCN-49416 - Hunt-Down Xtreme (2pcs)
SH-9041 - Huntdown Digital Flashlight
TX-024DGC - Texas Bowie Digital Camo w/Sheath 9

Hunt-Down Xtreme

2 pieces

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Retail Value $79.98
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  • Configuration:

    Tactical Collection

  • Brand:


  • Handle Material:

    Assorted (Digital Camo)


Set Components

Huntdown Digital Flashlight

Huntdown Digital Flashlight (x1)

Item # SH-9041
Brand: Hunt-Down
Configuration: Flashlight
Handle Material: Metal (Digital Camo)
Length (Overall): 8"
Retail $59.95
  • Lanyard
  • Decorative Handle
  • Flashlight
Texas Bowie Digital Camo w/Sheath 9"

Texas Bowie Digital Camo w/Sheath 9" (x1)

Item # TX-024DGC
Brand: Tac Xtreme
Configuration: Bowie
Handle Material: Composite (Digital Camo)
Length (Overall): 9"
Retail $20.03
  • Black Stainless Steel Blade
  • Lanyard
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Finger Groove
  • Metal Pins